Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Nautical Grime, Defense & a Metal Web

"Is There Anyone at Home?" :- An old house boat lays discarded and derelict on the river bank at Newhaven on the south coast of England. From what I have been told it's been there for a very long time. Quite how it got in this state is anybody's guess but t's there and it's a fascinating thing to photograph.  would have dearly loved to have got on the thing and taken some shots inside it but t simply did not look safe and just trying to gain access looked hard enough and I wasn't up for trying.

"Wartime Pillbox" :- Cuckmere Haven is a very beautiful and picturesque part of the Sussex Coastline on the south of England. It has however got a deeper and darker side to it that is highly visible if you know where to look. The estuary asit nears the English channel plays host to a collection of pillboxes, tank traps, ditches, trenches and hut foundations that were built c. 1940-2 and abandoned c. 1943-5. Living in fear of a German invasion of Britain during WWII it was inevitable that Cuckmere Haven would end up being covered in barbed wire and fortified as a means of defense. The structure in this image is a brick-built "Type 23" pillbox with 3 embrasures overlooking the beach. This box is also the closest to the sea and incorporates an enclosure for a light Anti-Aircraft gun.

"Support Your Local Pier" :- The combination of two natural things helped create this shot for me. The tide happened to be out far enough for me to get right underneath Brighton's famous Pier and the sun setting in the west provided the wonderful lighting which in turn created the marvelous rusty reds and dark shadows! So what you see here is approximately 540 meters or 1,772 feet of Victorian ingenuity and engineering stretching out before you. It's stood here on Brighton beach (on the South coast of England) against the elements and tides for 113 years!

All Photography © Justin Hill