Saturday, 27 October 2012

New Dwellings, Towards an End & Dying Day

‎"Block of Light" :- There's a section of Brighton that used to be an old and very run down part of the city. It was warehouses, works units and wastelands full of rubbish. Within the last few years they have redeveloped the entire area and site. This shot was taken just as day was giving in to the approaching night in one of the newly developed housing sections that's off Sinclair Walk near New England Street in Brighton, England.

"Brick Path" :- As you travel towards Eastbourne from Seaford on the south coast of England you drop down a steep hill that then crosses a small bridge over the River Cuckmere before rising once again over the hills. Right before that bridge on your right hand side there's a Vintage Inn called the "Golden Galleon" which to be fair gets mixed reviews from poor to fair with the odd excellent thrown in to add to the confusion. This stone and brick pathway leads from the car park of the "Golden Galleon" and then winds it was along the banks of the river before opening out onto the end of the estuary itself, the beach and the English Channel.

"Fields of Glory" :- Some seriously wonderful shades and colors provided by mother nature in this image. This was captured on the road that leads from Woodingdean over the hills towards the village of Falmer and the Lewes Road on the outskirts of Brighton, England. I was trying to get the processing right on this one so that the fields would show enough detail without being in silhouette whilst not over-blowing the sunset or making the colors too saturated. it wasn't easy but I think I got there (just about) in the end. It's a little grainy but fortunately it adds to the overall look (I think so anyway and to be honest that's all that matters, ha ha).

All Photography © Justin Hill