Friday, 19 October 2012

Seaside Stodge, Noir View & Oriental Insects

"Doughlicious" :- Early evening on Brighton's famous pier on the south coast of England. Queues for rides, queues for the toilets and queues at the food stalls. The pier becomes a blaze of electric light, color and activity once the evening gives way to the night. The smell of fish & chips, hotdogs and doughnuts mix with the sounds of screams, laughter and compressed air. It's what a seaside town should be all about!

"Staring at the Sun" :- A deep grassy ridge in the cliff top at Peacehaven on the south coast of England provides a great view of the sea. It is somewhat "heart in mouth" though as the land does drop away quickly revealing a drop that you really don't want to be experiencing. The late afternoon sun was bouncing of the surface of the water and creating a silhouette whilst still lighting up the grass in the foreground.

"Moth Drive" :- Once again my lack of knowledge regarding insects and bugs halts me from being able to tell you what type of moth this actually is. If I do find out at any point I shall rectify things by editing the title and post accordingly. I was actually meant to be bringing the washing in from drying outside on the wooden clothes airer that you can see in our driveway on the right. When left in charge of these tasks I normally have a heightened visual awareness about me as it has been known to find snakes on the wooden frame along with the clothes so my eyes look about the place everywhere. I spotted this beautiful little creature resting in the shade on the wall of our house so nipped back inside, grabbed the camera and got the shot. Our house is in a rural, working Thai village high up in the mountains of Omkoi in northern Thailand, well away from tourists and travelers.

All Photography © Justin Hill