Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sky 17th February 1983

Sky 17th February 1983 :- By now I was now developing a serious interest in music and had bought a guitar ... an electric guitar and amplifier. I didn't know what I was doing with it, how to play it or how to learn it but I knew it was loud and that if I eventually did things right it would and could make some seriously beautiful sounds. A friend of the family played guitar and offered to give me a few lessons and starter tips. I went for it and picked things up relatively fast. He listened to music I'd not heard before by strange bands like "Yes", "Genesis", "Rush" and "King Crimson". One of the bands he listened to was playing in concert in Brighton, he asked if I wanted to go along and see some "real" musicians play. So I went along and saw Sky on their "Sky Five Live Tour" and loved every minute of it. The musicians were :- Herbie Flowers, Tristan Fry, Kevin Peek, John Williams and Steve Gray.