Monday, 22 October 2012

Solitude, Powerful Path & Wet Seats

"Singularity" :- Devoid of gulls, sunbathers, tourists and beachcombers I found myself completely alone and surrounded by silence on the beach at Peacehaven. I was free to wander about in my own time without children staring at me quizzically, without any adults asking if i'd "Got any good shots?" and the most important of all without some idiot walking into my shot or standing in front of the camera in a world of their own, seemingly regardless to what was going on around them. Bliss. Thanks to nobody turning up or being there I was able to sit and take my time, relax and see things as they should be which enabled me to capture this very simple but beautiful image.

"Farm Road" :- This is a narrow farm road just off the A27 near Patcham (a suburb of Brighton) in England. I was actually making my way towards a monument that is hidden away from view and was about to leave the road and brave the bull field in order to get to my required destination and photographic subject. This shot was a quickly grabbed shot with very little thought put into it, I was literally 30 seconds (if that) and then on my way again. It was only once I got back and processed it that I realized how everything in the shot fell together and had quite a dramatic look to it, especially after I'd processed it as a b&w. The clouds provide a perfect backdrop to the scene and as luck would have it a bird also thought it would photo bomb the image and in doing so helped add some interest whilst also helping to balance things up a bit more.

"The Red Bicycle" :- I have no idea why I like to photograph bicycles. I have no interest in them at all when I do not have a camera in my hand. Very strange. Anyway...these bicycles were 'parked' just outside "Churchill Square" which is Brighton's one and only shopping mall. It was grey and miserable outside as it had been raining, inside it was still miserable but at least it was dry and the grey of it all was cleverly disguised by blasting everything with headache inducing fluorescent lighting. Not a smile to be seen anywhere. Why do we do this to ourselves?

All Photography © Justin Hill