Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Spooky Ride, Spooky Tree & Spooky Heads

"Horror Hotel" :- I thought I'd post this image today seeing as it's October 31st and therefore Hallow'een. This is the "Horror Hotel" on the end of Brighton Pier , England. There's been a "Ghost Train" type ride situated on this site for as long as I can remember. It's changed its look over the years and now looks better than ever from the outside complete with Frankenstein's Monster by the Ticket Kiosk. The ride itself is the standard  "Ghost Train" ride of old, you st in a small car / carriage on a track and it trundles you around in the dark for a few minutes with the odd plastic model inside accompanied by some sounds and sirens etc. Before you know it you're back out in daylight and disembarking wondering what t was all about. However, It's still a bit of seaside fun and the place wouldn't be the same without it.

"Nothing to Fear" :- A spooky looking winter tree  overlooks a large farmers field called "Ewe Bottom" just off Braypool Lane near Patcham which is a suburb of Brighton on the south coast of England. I'd wandered across several fields to get to a monument called the "Chattri" in order to take a few photographs. I'd meticulously planned the trip looking on Google maps (satellite view) so I knew where to drive and which paths to take when I got there so I'd find it easily. What maps do not show you is what use the fields are put to so I was quite surprised and shocked to find myself at one point in a field full of young Bulls who all seemed to turn and look at me at the same time. I was eager to get across and over the fence as quickly as I could which ended up being quicker than expected due to me having to run the last several hundred meters as a few of the bulls thought they'd trot after me. After photographing the monument I was not looking forward to the prospect of having to cross the same bull infested field so looked for another way back to the car. Having crossed through a large sheep field (sticking to the fence so as not to disrupt anything) I eventually came out on a lower farm road and was walking back in safety when I spotted this tree.

"Headroom" :- Rubber "Horror" masks, loads of them. Hanging from the ceiling of a shop in St James's Street that was called "MAGIC". I say 'was' because I drove past a week or so ago only to discover that the store is now standing empty, the giant ventriloquist head that adorned the front of the building above the entrance has gone and all traces of Magic have vanished away. A real case of "Now you see it, now you don't" and a sad reminder that recession and the times we live in are a constant struggle. While I was taking the shots (I did obviously ask permission first) I got talking to the man behind the counter and apparently all of these incredible masks were hand made and imported from .... Mexico. That did surprise me! They ranged in price from £30 ($48.31) to £95 ($153) some were more expensive than that but I wasn't brave enough to ask their price!

All Photography © Justin Hill