Sunday, 28 October 2012

Visible Centuries, Moody Doorway & Tranquility

"Saint Nicolas" :- I stumbled upon this church in Shoreham, Sussex, England quite by accident. I was actually driving down towards the river, harbor and beach in order to take some photographs when I noticed this magnificent looking structure poking through the trees. I immediately took action and turned left, following my nose in the hope that I would find how to get to the church. A few minutes later I'd parked and was walking through the gateway and into the churchyard. It was the tower that caught my attention, I don't think I have seen a church tower designed like that in the UK, it looked very Mediterranean to me, almost Spanish. It turns out that the church is an amalgamation of styles and construction work carried out over the centuries. Its humbled beginnings started off in Saxon times (there may have been a wooden church on the site from c700) and was then added to by the Normans. The 13th and 14th Centuries also saw more work being carried out and added and eventually modern times came along and added the finishing touches thus claiming most of the glory.

"Rope" :- An old Victorian building stands just at the side of Brighton Station on a road known as Trafalgar Arches. Even in color this place looked and felt moody and if the artful Dodger has suddenly steeped out from behind the piled up wood on the right it wouldn't have surprised me at all! I have no idea what the building was used for back in the 1800's and to be honest I have no idea what it's used for now either. The large rope coiled up intrigued me immensely.

"Sands of Time" :- Brighton's famous pier standing on glistening sand as the sun starts to set in the West. Sand is a very rare site on Brighton beach, it's usually pebbles for as far as he eye can see. This was an unusual evening as the tide had receded further out than normal and exposed a sandy bed and more of the pier and it's spindly legs than what we'd normally see. It was 19:30 pm and the air was full with the smell of salt water, sounds of gulls, children shouting and screaming with delight and a calm that cannot be described but only experienced.

All Photography © Justin Hill