Thursday, 25 October 2012

Wild Imagination, Silent Marble & Alien Worlds

"Lair" :- I know I shouldn't say so myself but I love this shot. It evokes feelings of menace, mystery and the unknown. Fear and adventure are both possible destinations once you are a few steps up and around that corner. What's the source of that light flooding in? Where am I? Who's up there? Where's the Minotaur?. My imagination is that of a 10 year old when I see things like this. In reality it's a rather boring stairwell on the seafront at Rottingdean, a village on the south coast of England not too far from the city of Brighton. To the left is a wide opening that overlooks the English Channel, to the right is a solid brick wall and up those stairs and around the corner is a small terraced beer garden that serves the White Horse Hotel. I think my imaginative version is far better ...

"Distant Memory" :- In memory of the Indian Soldiers that gave their lives fighting for the British Empire in the First World War, The Chattri stands on the south downs 500 feet (150 m) above the city of Brighton, England. It's design reflects an Indian styling. It's construction is white marble from Sicily which forms the body of the memorial. That in turn  sits on a large base of grey stone which then rests on three blocks of granite. The Chattri is a tall, domed pavilion, rising to 29 feet (8.8 m).

"The Red Weed" :- Whilst I was out on the rocks securing this image I could hear the music of Jeff Wayne's "War of the Worlds" going on in my head interspersed with electronic scratchy cries of "Ooh - Laa". It made me wonder what Aliens & their worlds would really be like if we could find them and see them. Surely not the stuff of 1800's and early 1900's science fiction that we hooked onto and into. Silver suited men with odd hand signals, multi eyed machines that see in red, green and blue and robots that can deliver bottles of bourbon out of thin air can't possibly be what alien life is really like. Can it? Just because a planet or star cannot sustain a life like our does not mean that it couldn't sustain other forms of life. Life that can survive in atmospheres that are alien to us. Who knows. By the time I'd thought all of this the shot was in the camera and I, once again, had wet feet!

The Red Weed by Jeff Wayne on Grooveshark

All Photography © Justin Hill