Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Barred, Farmland & Dark View

"The Round Window" :- Not a porthole on a boat. Not a prion or holding place window either. Believe it or not this is a window to a beach café at Ovingdean Gap in the south coast of England. The metal is corroded by the constant battering of wind, rain and salt water and I guess the bars are there simply to stop the café being broken into over night as there's nobody about at all after dark.

"Fence Posts" :- Gates and fences on the boarder of some Farmland near Patcham on the outskirts of Brighton, England. There's a public bridleway that cuts through and I took a walk up and over it to see what was on the other side and found myself in the middle of a large bull field which was rather full of large bulls. I didn't hang around.

"Yellowing" :- Cold, miserable and wet...and that was just me! Ha ha. Windy and rainy night along Madeira Drive in Brighton. The wind was blowing n from the sea so the rain was also coming in at an angle which meant there was nowhere good to shelter. This moody and grim image was taken near the Volks Tavern underneath the terraced promenade.

All Photography © Justin Hill