Sunday, 25 November 2012

Brooding Coast, Livestock & Fancy Entrance

"Winter Sea" :- When I headed off to the beach a few days ago it was with the express intention of grabbing a few sunset shots. It had been a calm and quietly sunny day at the house and the beach was only a 5 minute drive away. So I drove down there, parked, got out and nearly got blown over! Man alive that wind was strong. Down on the coats it was blowing up a storm. It was incredible. So I walked at a 45° angle against the wind down to beach whilst holding onto my woolly hat to stop it from blowing away! Heavy clouds obscured what was to be a lovely sunset so I had to abort that idea but the sea was dark, brooding and rough and was thundering in towards the beach at a rate of knots! This is one of those images from that evening. I think it's a very powerful capture. Having lived by the sea all my life it's one thing that's a constant and is therefore very sacred to me.

"Counting Sheep" :- This image was captured within the Cuckemere Estuary on the South coast of England. It's a beautiful and very picturesque area with vast expanses of land and rolling scenery. Much of it is still farmland so you do come across the odd sheep heard from time to time.

"Museum Doors" :- These are the entrance doors to +Royal Pavilion & Brighton Museums . The museum complex is part of what was once the royal riding stables of the Prince Regent who was later to become King George IV. The Museum and Dome are unique n that they have two separate grade I listings. One is for the outside which was 1800's and one for the interior which is 1930's and very art deco. Living n Brighton we take them for granted but when you actually stop, think and see them for what they are the buildings and structures are truly magnificent.

All Photography © Justin Hill