Thursday, 1 November 2012

Cat's Creep, Cretaceous & Cold

"The Color Shift" :- This is a long flight of steps (120 in all) known as "The Cat's Creep" that runs the entire length of a steep alleyway that connects Wakefield Road with Roundhill Crescent in Brighton, England. It's another example of Victorian Brighton as it was constructed in the 1800's and was (apparently) meant to be a proper street with houses. However, it was too steep for horses and carts so it was laid out as a footpath with eight steep flights of 15 steps instead.

"Into the Groove" :- We get used to seeing the chalk cliffs down along the south coast. we take them for granted. Bit's of chalk that have fallen away are picked up and used to scrawl graffiti and slogans on the walls and paths but none of us stop to think how old it all is. Chalk comes from the Cretaceous Period so it's approximately 105 million years old. Wikipedia (Chalk) has this to say about it :-  "Ninety million years ago the chalk downland of Northern Europe was ooze accumulating at the bottom of a great sea. Protozoans such as foraminifera lived on the marine debris that showered down from the upper layers of the ocean. Their shells were made of calcite extracted from the rich sea-water. As they died a deep layer gradually built up and eventually, through the weight of overlying sediments, became consolidated into rock. Later earth movements related to the formation of the Alps raised these former sea-floor deposits above sea level."  So next time you pick up some chalk just to write "I Woz Here" stop for a minute and think about what it is you're holding n your hand.

"Dark Water" :- It had been a bright and sunny day all afternoon. I'd wandered about for the best part of three hours already and the evening was now threatening to take over and turn things sour. Clouds were rapidly moving in from nowhere and the water in the winding Cuckmere river was no longer blue but a deep foreboding black. This image was captured as I was walking back to my car which was roughly still an hour away. I could see up on the hill the are where it was parked but I had to walk inland for the length of the river in order to cross the road bridge just so I could then walk the length of the river again on the other side and gain access to my car! I was hoping that the weather would hold and fortunately for me it did so I remained dry for once.

All Photography © Justin Hill