Friday, 16 November 2012

Colorful Silence, Wet Darkness & Six Legged Stench

"Fair on the Pier" :- I have no idea how I am able to capture images such as this without anyone being in them. It's a subtle blend of timing, patience and endurance. The weather sometimes helps of course, when it's far too cold for anyone to be out and about you'll spot me wrapped up beyond belief trying to operate my camera whilst I fumble about in gloves trying to change the settings! The pier was reasonably busy on the night I shot this. I'd spotted an attraction that was closed for repairs and went up on it's viewing platform to gain some extra height and a view over the end of Brighton's famous pier. Then I waited for a small window of opportunity, a moment where there was no one about and the chance of someone photobombing me was at it's lowest. Then I hit the shutter release ... bang on!

"Still of the Night" :- As I was taking this shot I knew it was going to be processed as a black and white image. I could already see it in my head. A monochromatic blend of darkness and moods. It had been heavily raining an hour or so before and the light was bouncing up of the wet promenade sidewalk, just enough to light it up slightly. The distant lighting along Madeira Drive (Brighton, England) provided the bright backdrop. I smiled with the knowledge that was producing something highly visual whilst being 75% black! The finished image makes me think of the 1940's black and white movies, where shadowy figures stepped out from nowhere and lit cigarettes under street lamps!

"Red Stink Bug" :- I spotted this bright little bug resting on a spiky potted plant on the porch of our house up in the mountains of Omkoi. I have since found out that it is a "Stink Bug" or "Shield Bug" (Pentatomidae). The common name derives from its tendency to eject a foul smelling glandular substance when disturbed and apparently in some species the liquid contains *cyanide* compounds with a rancid almond scent. At the time I was very close as the camera was on macro mode so I am very thankful that the bug in question was patient with me and did not decide to stink me out!

All Photography © Justin Hill