Sunday, 18 November 2012

Cropped View, Gothic Horror & the Art of Defense

"Watcher of the Skies" :- I like this shot. I was on a late afternoon / early evening walk along a public right of way near the village of Falmer (near Brighton, England) when I stopped and noticed the late sunlight hitting the hills and fields. Instead of focusing on the village (you can clearly see the church of St Laurence on the left hand side) I decided to focus on the crop of corn in the foreground. I enjoy walks like this, on my own and also in a world of my own with thoughts on capturing images etc. Very tranquil and puts me at my ease.

"Ornate Entrance" :- I have to admit I am very pleased with how this image ended up looking. The doorway and window are part of the Royal Pavilion & Brighton Museums complex and the architecture reflects that with it's ornate stonework. The reason the street lights are lighting up the front of the building and nothing else is because the main (and very huge) Pavilion Gatehouse was to my right and was therefore blocking most of the light. A thin slither of light was speeding down the small pedestrian route at the side and hitting the architecture at an angle creating the most wonderful shadows and mood. I knew as I was shooting it that it was going to be processed as a black and white image because the lights were giving everything a nicotine yellow / orange look and it wasn't pretty to look at. The end result has a moody 1940's film feel to it that's reminiscent of the old "Sherlock Holmes" or "Quatermass" films. It's got a "Gothic Horror" look that I am immensely proud of.

"Buttress" :- This is part of the beach at Cuckmere Haven in Sussex on the south coast of England. The 'Buttress' on the right was built as an attempt to stop the sea washing away any more of the cliff face and remaining sea wall. Many argue that nature should be allowed to take it's course but just out of shot to the right of this picture are three old and very famous coast guard houses that have been filmed and photographed so many times over the years. There is very little between them and the sea so the concrete defense you see here is imperative to their survival and to those who still live in the houses. Yes...they are still occupied. On stormy nights it mus be terrifying to be living in those dwellings!

All Photography © Justin Hill