Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Dappled Tree, Victorian Decay & Boat Race

"Lost" :- The title of this image explains all you need to know. I had indeed been lost and had been trying to find my way out of this large expanse of trees that I'd gone in to explore for some time. This was shot just as I'd finally seen the edge and the way out. Fun and games indeed!

"Please Be Seated" :- This was shot on the terrace that runs along the length of Brighton seafront between Madeira Drive & Marine Parade. It's been left to decay for a long time now and the council really ought to try to restore it all to its former glory especially considering it's original Victorian iron work and seating.

"Silver Sea" :- 10 am on a cold and chilly Saturday morning on Brighton beach (UK). Not many people about at all (just a few stragglers and dog walkers). I'd been grabbing a few shots with the camera trying to kill time before a meeting in the city. There was a small boat race just off shore. A couple of old ladies sat in a booth watching through binoculars and jotting information down on sheets in front of them. I don't know how they knew who was winning or who was where as it was hard to tell from where I was.

All Photography © Justin Hill