Friday, 23 November 2012

Dark Days, Dark Nights & Bright Fields

"Stormbringer" :- A wild and wet day to decide to go down to the sea but the dramatic skies and rough weather made for some very moody shoots. If memory serves me right I think I only passed one other person down here who was out walking their dog, other than them the entire place was deserted. It was one of those days where you suddenly realised you'd been walking at a 45º angle all the time you'd been out. The winds were so strong and the taste of sea salt was on your lips and in your mouth the entire time.

"Wet Front" :- A dark and moody night shoot on Brighton's Madeira Drive promenade on the south coast of England. It had been raining heavily so everything was soaked and reflecting light in all directions. Perfect for grabbing a few dramatic images. The row of lights in the distance on the left are that of Brighton's famous Victorian pier stretching out to sea.

"40 Winks Wouldn't Be Bad" :- Taken many months ago near the village of Falmer in Sussex, England. The feeling of standing in a huge poppy field was marvelous. Images of sleep inducing spells and wicked witches filled my head as one of the most famous poppy scenes in film history (Wizard of Oz - 1939) sprang to mind hence the title of this image.

All Photography © Justin Hill