Thursday, 29 November 2012

Gamut - Dreamer

Track #3 by my old band Gamut is called "Dreamer". It was a reasonably lengthy guitar based track so there very little time for me to switch of or relax (especially when performing it live).Most of the tracks we played were written the same way. The keyboard player would drive over to my house and we'd then jam around and play about with the guitars and keyboards until something was starting to form, we'd then (over several days) hone it down to a reasonable sounding piece that we'd then play to the bass player and drummer. After several rehearsals (and lots of laughing)  a track would be born and released into the wild. This was one of our earlier pieces...

Gamut were : Pat Gordon - Keyboards, Rick Willis - Bass, Russell Haynes - Drums and (myself) Justin Hill on Guitar.