Thursday, 15 November 2012

Music From A Darkened Bedroom - "All Things Come To Pass"

Five tracks down and still quite a few lay ahead. Today I unleash track #6 which is called "All Things Come To Pass". I was approached by a company in Brighton to write some music for a short corporate film that was going to be shown at a large seminar held somewhere in the south of England. They sent over a video tape of the film (so that will give you some Idea of how long ago this was) and I set about watching it several times over. Nothing. A complete blank. No ideas came forth at all, the video was nothing more than a convoluted miss match of animated icons and imagery and running in complete silence. I had just two weeks to write it and deliver the goods. So I switched off the video recorder and the keyboard, picked up my jacket and went out to the local rock club on Brighton seafront for a few beers to see if that would help clear my mind. It did ... I forgot completely that I should be at home writing a soundtrack piece. When I eventually crawled in around 03:00 am I should have gone straight to bed but before I knew it the keyboard had been fired up and a video was playing on the TV.

I woke up mid afternoon to the phone ringing. I jumped up out of bed, ran downstairs and answered the phone (no mobiles in those days). It was the company that had hired me asking how I was getting on. I lied. "Yeah, it's going well. Better than I thought actually!". Their reply caught me out completely "Ah good, because the deadline's been changed. We need you to have it completed and handed over in two days time. Is that ok?". I explained that if they expected that then the fee would have to be doubled, to my surprise they agreed so I said "No problem" put the phone down and panicked. Having thrown a coffee down my throat I ran back upstairs and fired up the keyboard. The screen lit up and flashed up a track called "All Things". That caught me out too. Never heard of it. Where'd that come from? Then I remembered I'd been playing about drunk after I'd got in. I braced myself for the worse as I hit play, grimacing in anticipation of some horrendous opus or cacophony of noise. What I heard playing back floored me. Did I write this last night? So the track that you are about to hear was written in a blind stupor, I have only a vague recollection of composing it. All I needed to do was tweak it here and there to fit the video footage but other than that this is what an evening of heavy drinking sounds like...

All Things Come to Pass by Justin Hill on Grooveshark