Saturday, 10 November 2012

Music From A Darkened Bedroom - "Discovery"

I've recently been posting ticket stubs from concerts that I've attended over the years and it's made me think about all the old music I wrote and performed and played in bands with. So, I'm starting off a new set of blog posts today that will allow you to hear what I wrote, played and sometimes performed. Before I get into all the loud raucous music with the bands and groups that I played guitar with I thought I'd start with my solo written music. 

I wrote a lot of different things over the years, much of it was for myself but the odd "top tune" was written for seminars or corporate bits of film or headphone guided tours of towns etc. It never made me much money but I loved doing it. I wrote and performed most of it on a programmable Korg X3 multi sequencing keyboard. Technology now is way ahead of what it could achieve back then but I think it still sounds pretty good to this day.

So without further ado I present to you all today "Discovery" which is track one (there are 16 in all) of my solo pieces. I did write many more but only 16 are of a good enough quality to digitise and put out there for you all to listen to. Hit play, sit back and listen...