Monday, 19 November 2012

Music From A Darkened Bedroom - "Terminal Velocity"

"Terminal Velocity" is the title of track #10 of my solo works. This one was interesting and to be honest quite taxing to compose, program, perform and get right. I was approached by a company who wanted some music writing for a short film. They originally wanted to use a track by the well known Swiss electronic band Yello (best known for their singles "The Race" and "Oh Yeah") but usage rights meant that in order for them to have it in their film they'd have to pay a considerably large amount which is more than they were willing to do. So they called me and asked if I could write something for the film that "sounded like" Yello but wasn't Yello. I said I could, arranged a fee with them and set to work.

First thing I had to do was listen to lots of Yello. An enjoyable task to say the least. I have loved the work of the Dieter Meier and Boris Blank for a long time and have always been amazed at the unique sounds and music they have produced over the years. I made notes of the sorts of sounds and themes that occurred a lot in their music, it was often manic and like a musical version of organised chaos. Electronic sounds were a must, they didn't have to be disguised either...the more electronic the better, brass was also a must too.

And so began a frantic and somewhat lengthy process of piecing together a track that wasn't Yello but "sounded like" Yello. After a few days the work was completed and handed in much to the delight of the company. They were overjoyed with the result and as a result actually paid me more than the fee we'd agreed on.

So here's "Terminal Velocity", a track that "Sounds like" Yello but isn't ...