Friday, 9 November 2012

Parlor, Night Light & Calm Before The Storm

"Ice Cream" :- Down on Brighton beach near the Brighton wheel and crazy golf course there's this seaside favorite. The ice cream parlor appears somewhere on every seaside town and city , it's not a proper seaside resort without one! This was taken on a reasonably early cold morning before the hoards of holidaymakers descended on the area.

This small lane is part of the much bigger famous "Lanes" in Brighton on the south coast of England. It's a tourist hotspot full of restaurants and overpriced boutiques and antique shops. It's rare to get any image of this area (day or night) without someone in shot so I was overjoyed to find it deserted and set up immediately in order to capture the mood.

"Bluebell Fair" :- This image was captured sometime back in May 2012. A small crop of bluebells were on a grass bank by the side of the park (known as "The Level") in the heart of the city. A traveling fairground had arrived and was in the process of setting up on the grounds of the park. The delicate blue flowers to me signified peace while all around mayhem and organised chaos seemed to reign. "The Level" park is now closed to the public as they are in the process of redesigning it and hopefully making it a far better and nicer place to visit.

All Photography © Justin Hill