Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Pink Palace, Chalk Face & Damp Darkness

"Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice" :- Here's another shot from my Royal Pavilion & Brighton Museums night shoot a week ago. The former Royal Palace is all lit up for the festive season and they've built an ice rink right in front on the grounds for holiday makers and locals to skate around on. This is a view of the outside of the famed music room of the Pavilion. Inside it's a lavish and decadent ornate room filled with gold, royal blues and lush thick colors. The outside (as you can see) is equally as lush with it's vibrant floodlights showing off the delicate stonework of the early 1800's.

"Chalk One Up" :- This is the beach at Cuckemere Haven in Sussex on the south coast of England. The cliffs dwarf everything around. It's hard to get a sense of scale seeing it like this but if you look very closely and view it as big as you can there's is one solitary figure standing at the base of the chalk face at the far end (by the dark patch of chalk).

"Wet Way" :- A cold, dark, wet and damp night along Madeira Drive on Brighton's famous seafront. Nobody was daft enough to venture out (apart from me) as the wind blew in off the sea and the rain soaked through everything. The Victorian terrace provided little cover at all so the sidewalk / paving was wet and reflected the lights down it's entire length. On the far left in the distance you can just make out the Brighton Pier all lit up.

All Photography © Justin Hill