Monday, 12 November 2012

Puddle Palace, Dark Lanes & Metal Memories

"Gatehouse Reflection" :- Taken from the central green by Marlborough Place in the city of Brighton, England. The view looks towards the +Royal Pavilion & Brighton Museums and the marvelous gate house. Heavy rains had caused large puddles to form on the grass and I chose this particular puddle as it was just catching the reflection of the wonderfully ornate archway to the Pavilion gardens.

"Shallow Steps" :- A very rare night time shot of part of Brighton's famous "The Lanes" devoid of people. By day it's a thriving busy tourist hot spot. The cafes are buzzing, the bars are busy and the lanes are full. By night the area takes on much darker and more malevolent feel. The dark narrow Victorian lanes conjure images of shadowy figures wearing capes and top hats and an unnerving sense of unease seems to follow you everywhere.

"Draw The Line" :- This used to be the grand Victorian entrance to the magnificent West Pier on Brighton seafront (England). All that's left of the pier is now a skeletal frame work sitting out at sea looking lost and forlorn. The metal gates and fences stop tourists and locals from venturing out any further and the site is meant to be having some huge viewing tower built on it in the near future. Some like the idea...some do not. I do not like the idea as I feel it will be a blight on the landscape and seafront. I would dearly love to see our wonderful West Pier returned to her former glory!

All Photography © Justin Hill