Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Queen Knebworth 9th Aug 1986

Yeah, they were that good at Wembley we all bought tickets to see Queen again a month later at Knebworth Park. What none of us realised (including the 150,000 strong crowd and Queen themselves) is that this concert would go down in history as being the last ever live performance by Freddie Mercury with Queen. We queued for hours on the motorway just to get there. Traffic was at a standstill and when we did move it was at a crawl. 150,000 people all heading towards Knebworth Park in Stevenage (UK) and trying to get there before the gig started! Mayhem. Then we bought the beer, ate the burgers, queued for the toilets and watched the gig. At the end we walked back to the car park and then queued for hours just to get out. t was dawn when we finally got back to Brighton, moaning about the journey back and how long it had taken us etc etc. We had no idea that we had just witnessed the final performance of a legend, a superstar and one of rocks divas. Freddie Mercury R.I.P