Saturday, 3 November 2012

Rural Greenery, Royal Masonry & Light Enticement

"Fresh Light" :- An image that's hot off the press as it was only shot yesterday afternoon and processed this very morn! I am overjoyed with the look of this one, the light was falling in all the right places as well as the shade. It draws you in and across the field towards the old part of the village of Ovingdean (mentioned in the Domesday book which was compiled and written in 1086) on the south coast of England, near the city of Brighton.

"Shadow Palace" :- A rather unconventional and different image of the famous Royal Pavilion situated on the south coast of England in the city of Brighton. Instead of walking around and through the gardens I instead walked down North Street and then along Palace Place. The railings at the end prevent you from entering the palace grounds but they also act as a very good tripod and resting place for the camera which is how I managed to get this shot in the camera.

"Fast Food Saviours" :- This is a covered side alley off Duke Street in Brighton (England), it serves as a back entrance to a "Burger King" fast food outlet (I refuse to call them restaurants). The brightly lit signs shine forth with promises of gluttony, plastic toys and movie tie ins like some sort of neon oasis in the darkness. The signs served their purpose as they did indeed grab my attention and make me stop but I only paused long enough to capture the shot and was then more than happy to move on leaving the "Whoppers" and his Royal Beefy Highness behind.

All Photography © Justin Hill