Saturday, 17 November 2012

Street Lights, Grim Reminders & Tranquil Evenings

"Except Cycles" :- This was shot on the corner of Gloucester Road and Tidy Street in the city of Brighton, England. Something made me stop in my tracks and capture it, I have no idea what though but now that I look at it I find it's a pleasing image. The composition is easy on the eye and it seems relatively well balanced. I do like the painted "bike" on the road combined with the real bicycle chained to the post that says "Except Cycles". And's another bike shot! Why do I keep photographing bicycles?

"Gothic Graves" :- Two very "Gothic" looking gravestones stand side by side within the Brighton & Preston Cemetery in Brighton, England. I cannot see any dates on the stone to the left but the stone on the right has two dates which are 1902 and 1920. The masons work on both stones is very ornate and intricate.

"Way Out West" :- A farmers field at sunset that's just a 10 minute walk from my front door. If you could see over the brow of this hill you'd see the lights of the city of Brighton and the south coast twinkling away. It's lovely walking around up on the hill n solitude. Very peaceful as you watch the light fade into the dark blue / black of night. The clouds take on different appearances as the light changes.

All Photography © Justin Hill