Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sussex Scenery, Dark Palmistry & Darker Skies

"And Did The Countenance Divine Shine Forth Upon Our Clouded Hills" :- A rather long title for a vast landscape but I think you'll find it's rather fitting. Such a wonderful breathtaking view and even more so considering it was shot from a car park in the village of Wilmington in Sussex, England. The village itself is old and has an entry in the Domesday book (1086) under the name of Wineltone. Burial barrows have been found on the Downs above the village so that tells us that the area has been occupied from pre Saxon times. In the late 1100's a Priory was built at Wilmington by the Abbot of Grestein from Honfleur in France. This view is looking in a South westerly direction back towards the downs and the village of Alfriston.

"Prof Mirza" :- Along the promenade on Brighton's seafront you will find the King's Road Arches. They are old Victorian relics from days gone by that are now little booths and stores that are there to serve the needs of any good holiday maker that willing to hand over some money. One of these arches is where you'll find "Prof Mirza" the Indian 'psychic palmist clairvoyant tarot reader'. As with most people that read palms or foretell the future within seaside towns "Prof Mirza" also claims to be world famous with his art of Chiromancy (the practice of evaluating a person's character or future life by "reading" the palm of that person's hand). Obviously he was closed for the night when I arrived there around 8:20 pm but I liked the moody shadows and lighting and felt they created an added mystique to the entire scene.

"Grey Day" :- Driving back from Brighton along the coast road I couldn't help but notice the brooding clouds and stormy sky out at sea. The light looked so intense and it seemed to be sucking all the color out of everything. I knew I had to pull over and take a shot...but I didn't have my camera with me. Doh! Fortunately for me the beach at Ovingdean Gap isn't that far from home so I drove back, grabbed my camera and then shot out again heading for the beach.

All Photography © Justin Hill