Thursday, 29 November 2012

Turquoise Hues, Tree Silhouettes & Little Greenery

"Silent Lucidity" :- There's a large cutting through the cliff face that winds down in a reasonably steep slope to the beach at Telescombe on the south coast of England. if you stop halfway down this is the view that you get. I happened to get there just as the daylight was fading into night and was met by this wonderful sky and scene.

"Three Is a Magic Number" :- At the top of the hill by our house you'll find these trees. I pass them each time I drive into the city , they've been there for as long as I can remember. I photograph them quite often as they change with the seasons and the different light that stretches across the hills and farmland. On this occasion I got there at twilight and they were standing side by side in silhouette. They looked beautiful.

"What a Piece of Work is a Man" :- I have never understood mankind's want to concrete over everything and take with it the beauty of the world. I tiny bit of greenery on the right is all that can be seen in this image, everything else is stone, concrete or metal. Hard edges and hard surfaces batter you visually, very little is pleasing to the eye or offering visual relief.

All Photography © Justin Hll