Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Vibrant Night, Water-less & Gallery

"Color Wheel" :- The things we do for the sake of art! Brighton seafront was deserted. The South of England was being drenched by heavy rains and not a single person was out and about...apart from me. Wandering about in the dark, wind and rain with my camera seemed like a good idea at the time but I soon realised that staying indoors in the warm would have been a far better alternative. Having said that I did achieve what I set out to do which was capture a few more shots of the Brighton Wheel all lit up at night. They have recently added a few colored bulbs to its illuminations and I knew that it would make for some great images. The added bonus was of course that the promenade and road were wet so reflected light was bouncing around and adding to the visuals!

"Bridging Nothing" :- An unusual little bridge in that it actually spans nothing ... but it used to and will hopefully again soon. Many years ago I used to frequent this park as a child, my mother used to take me down to to paddling pool there (the park is known as "The Level") in Brighton on the south coast of England. The pool was a large oblong shape with two smaller pools either side of it. They were joined by small watery channels and these bridges (here are actually two of them) used to straddle to watery channels. For some reason they were filled in a long time ago but the bridges remain. The park is currently closed to the public and a workforce has moved in to redesign and renovate the entire place. I have been told that the old colonnades and water channels are going to be restored. Hopefully "The Level"will become a thing of beauty once again.

"245" :- Two hundred and forty five is in fact an artists store called "Vivid Palette" within the famous artists quarter within the Kings Road Arches on Brighton seafront (England). I was on a sunny afternoon walkabout with my camera and spotted this colorful and vibrant establishment. I had a look around and asked the artist (you can just see him in this image at the back of the store) if it was alright to take some photographs to which which he replied "be my guest". I have since emailed him the results.

All Photography © Justin Hill