Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Village Seating, Warehouse & Open Space

"Bench Around The Tree" :- This is the village green in Rottingdean on the south coast of England. I live in a village that's "next door" to this village and often find myself driving through and once in a while I'll have a  wander about with the camera. The flint wall that you see is the wall to a house called "The Elms" which was built by William Ridge in 1745. Rudyard Kipling (Author of "The Jungle Book","Man Who Would Be King" & the "Just So" stories) famously rented & lived at "The Elms" for three guineas a week from 1897 until 1902.

"Abandonment" :- An old run down, derelict and abandoned warehouse sits near the docks in the town of Newhaven, Sussex, England. It's on the road to the ferry port that is in a constant flux with travelers, containers, cars & trucks going to and from France on the other side of the English Channel. I am guessing that this warehouse was once a busy place due to it's location ... now it sits and rots slowly.

"White, Green, Black & Blue " :- I am so very lucky living where I live. Ten minutes by car in all directions will create such different views. If I drive West I am in the city of Brighton, if I drive East I on cliff tops, North will open up to the famous south downs and South puts me on the beach and the sea. I love the sea, I love the space and the fresh salty air. I especially love it when there's nobody else about. I can think to myself and disappear into my own world whilst concentrating 100% on what I am doing with the camera...everything becomes a visual wonderland. This image was shot on the beach between Ovingdean and Rottingdean villages. I loved the textures and color shifts, the tranquility and the stillness of it all.

All Photography © Justin Hill