Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Village Shade, Water Whiteout & Stone Cetacea

"Take a Break" :- When the weather is suitable I often walk into the city from our village. It only takes 10 minutes to drive in but then there are the parking problems combined with the overblown charges etc. t's good to get out and get some exercise, get the heart rate going a bit. From my front door to the city it's approx a 45 minute walk if I traverse the downs and go over the top. If I choose to go down to the coast and walk in from there then it takes twice as long as that route is approx 1 hr and 30 minutes. This shot was taken down in the village just 5 minutes after setting off on foot from my home. The village road swings off to the left but there's a worn farm track to the right that heads up over the hills, a golf course and then down into the city. This tree is situated on the fork between road and track.

"Euphoria" :- A rocky beach on the south coast of England sits exposed as it patiently waits for the tide to return. I had fun clambering around with the camera on this beach at Peacehaven. It may not look like much of a drop but the drop between the rocks was a good 4 feet (1.219 meter) down so I had to constantly look where I was going to save falling down any holes! The processing was interesting with this image. The sun was very bright when I captured the shot and it was bouncing off the sea water. I decided I wanted to process it a a black and white image and discovered that when he rocks looked great the sea disappeared and turned to white leaving just a few smaller rocks in 'space'. It fascinated me so instead of playing around with it any more I chose to leave it like that.

"The Whale" :- An interesting looking structure that's actually a very well disguised boring and mundane installation. This is the "Marine Gate Pumping Station" which is part of a multi-million-pound waste water system at Roedean (a suburb of Brighton) on the south coast of England. Work started on it's construction on the 27th July 2009, they are still working on it now but from the outside it looks complete. I have no idea who the architects or designers of this station were but I have to admit it's an impressive looking structure. I have been told that the design was based "loosely" on a whale breaking out of the water and that the original plans had a tail section added but there was too much opposition form the locals and that was removed from the plan. I pass this every time I drive to and fro on the coast road between my home and the the city.

All Photography © Justin Hill