Monday, 5 November 2012

Wet Groyne, Victorian Gothicism & a Bush

"Puddle of Light" :- Shot a few days ago on a very cold and stormy Saltdean beach on the south coast of England. The waves were rolling in fast and in places were my height which is unusual for his coastline. The wind was battering everything including myself so I didn't want to hang around too long down there as I'd had enough after just 15 minutes! This groyne and sea defense was half flooded with sea water and at the far end half filled with pebbles that had been thrown up.

"Fitzroy House" :- This is the marvelously named "Fitzroy House" in the ancient town of Lewes in Sussex. It was (apparently) built in 1862 and was the "Memorial Library". I am sorry to say I that have no idea what it's used for now. The house stands on the site of the Grey Friars ( House of Franciscan Friars ) who settled in Lewes some time before 1249 and the order was dissolved in 1538.

"Hedge" :- A hedge. A simple no frills image of a hedge. I have no idea why I took the shot or what made me stop to take the shot but something must has got my attention because the image is here for all to see. Personally I like it. I love the way the vibrant colors fill the image and bounce around. The different shades of green fight for their rightful place and an almost electric blue sky peeps over the top and adds that extra zing.

All Photography © Justin Hill