Friday, 2 November 2012

Wet Ride, 40's Feel & Changes

"Log Flume" :- The "Wild River" ride sits on the very end of the famous Brighton Pier on the south coast of England. I was able to capture this calm shot of it as they were carrying out maintenance and making repairs so t was closed for the night. However, they had turned all the lights and illuminations on so they could see what they were doing and I was able to take my time and set up on a raised platform at the end to get the shot I wanted without being photo bombed or splashed.

"The Corn Exchange" :- This building in Royal Tunbridge Wells (Kent, England) was originally built and used as a local theatre and was later converted to a corn exchange where grain was bought and sold. Nowadays it's used as a quaint tea room that has a few small shops within it. I was fortunate to have the place to myself for a few minutes and grabbed my chance to get a shot as I'd noticed (it was impossible to miss) the wonderful sunlight pouring in through the large skylight in the roof. I feel this image has a very 1930's and 40's look and feel to it and is almost timeless.

"Golden Cocoon" :- My wonderful step daughter spotted this small golden cocoon on one of the brick supports to our house in Omkoi, Northern Thailand. I was fascinated to see how it appeared to be suspended in "mid air". It looked as if it was floating within the "hair shell" it had made itself. I couldn't see any means of support no matter how hard I looked, it till fascinates me to this day! I have no idea what type of bug or insect it is but judging by the color of the cocoon itself I would hazard a guess that it's some kind of moth. The cocoon has incredible markings.

All Photography © Justin Hill