Monday, 26 November 2012

Wet Way, Dark Light & Empty Roads

"Water Water Everywhere Nor Any Drop to Drink" :- This was an afterthought shot. I'd been out in the rain and cold on Brighton seafront and was walking back to the car when I spotted this puddle reflecting the underside of the perfectly Victorian Terrace that runs along the length of Madeira Drive. What really made it for me was the discarded coffee cup laying next to it!

"Wall Light" :- Brighton (England) is famous for it's Victorian trappings, fixtures and seafront. This wall is part of what used to be the Brighton Aquarium (now a Sealife Centre). It's hardly changed in over 100 years and still has a very 1800's look and feel about it. Once night has fallen and the lights are turned on the look takes on a darker Dickensian and more sinister feel.

"Alfriston Road" :- This is the Alfriston Road that runs between Seaford (on the south coast of England) and the ancient Sussex village of Alfriston. I stopped to grab this image here as you can see the point where the road suddenly sweeps over the hill and drops down rapidly. At the same time as you drive over it (making your stomach float slightly) there's an incredible scenic view over the fields and countryside (you can just see it stretching off into the distance).

All Photography © Justin Hill