Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Winter Palace, Dark Boat & Long Arm

"Out In The Cold" :- A few days ago I decided to go into the city and take a few night shots of Brighton's Royal Pavilion all lit up. I'd driven past a couple of days before and the palace was a multitude of colors due to the many different lights aimed at it. Within the grounds they have built an ice rink for the holiday season and it looks wonderful. Anyway, I parked up (miles away) and walked down to the Pavilion only to find that the many colored lights were not switched on so had to abort that idea and rethink. After walking around a while I decided to take a few from the gardens and realised that the palace looked just as wonderful with it's stark white floodlights lighting it up and the warm glow from one of it's windows added that final touch. It looked very inviting especially as I was "Out In The Cold".

"NN153" :- A cold, dark and moody night on Brighton's famous Victorian built seafront. The lighting by the arches creates safety near the walls but then pools into deep black shadows the further you move away allowing he imagination to run wild. If it wasn't for the electric lighting in this image it would be hard to say when it was taken as the entire scene looks from days of old. In actual fact it was shot within the last week.

"Safety First" :- A different view of Brighton as seen from the far end of the Western arm of the Marina. The huge hulking arms stretch out and curve around to create a safe haven and harbor for thousands of yachts, boats and seagoing craft. There's not a lot of protection one you are you on the arms themselves as you are seriously open to the elements. he steel cables and red metal posts are there to stop you falling down he shafts and gaps along the top of the wall. Just peering over the cables and down to the sea is a heart sinking stomach churning view. It's a long way down and the sea water looks very cold.

All Photography © Justin Hill