Friday, 14 December 2012

A Good Yarn, Crazy & Winter Chills

"Coast Line" :- Rough seas were hammering the beach when I decided to take the camera out for a while. All manner of things were strewn about the place and washed up. This bright red yarn caught my eye and before I knew it I was crouching down and aiming the camera in its direction whilst keeping an eye on the tide ... it has a knack of catching you out sometimes and there's nothing worse than having to drive home with wet socks!

"Golf  " :- A moody night down on Brighton beach within a few feet of the Brighton Wheel and not so far from the Pier. I like shooting at nigh in deserted places but a he same time it's something that unnerves me slightly. I am always vigilant and my eyes and ears are on constant high alert. This image makes me think of Graham Greene's appropriately titled "Brighton Rock". It looks like a 1940's meeting place where gangsters would converge or "do away" with somebody.

"Cold & Wild" :- Cold, it was very cold. In fact it was very windy and cold. My fingers were chilled to the bone and I was on my way back to the car after battling the elements on the beach whilst trying to be arty. A huge storm front was blowing in from the south and the sun was creating that cold light that you only get at this time of the year. I stopped briefly to capture this moment as the contrasts of light and color in the sky was dramatic and using the grass as a foreground seemed different enough for me to get a bit colder.

All Photography by Justin Hill ©