Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Wet Fish Slap - Grimy Cave

After a while we prided ourselves on the name we'd chosen for the band. That in turn lead us to start titling some of our tracks in rather odd and unusual ways too. So it's with that in mind that I now introduce you to track #4 which is called ... "Grimy Cave". This track shows of Rick's superb command of his bass guitar and playing. Once again it's a very rough recording and far from note perfect but it was just a rehearsal after all. The room was full of equipment, amps, leads, guitars and drums as well as a fridge full of beer. Virtually every flat surface had a few empty cans on it and my Marshall Amp (a JCM 800 Series Split Channel Twin Reverb Head) always had a full can of beer on the top as well as an ashtray and a packet of cigarettes. It was due to this that our very own rehearsal room became known as the "Grimy Cave" which this track was named after...

Wet Fish Slap were :- "Reg" - Drums, Rick Willis - Bass & Justin Hill - Guitar