Monday, 17 December 2012

Wet Fish Slap - Stoned End

And the slap of the mighty fish continues as we lurch awkwardly onto track #2. We called this track "Stoned End" because there had been a recent huge gathering at Stone Henge and Glastonbury festival was fast approaching, the title amused us as t was a reference to the vast contingent of dope heads that would pay large amounts of money to go to these events and would finally return home without much recollection of what they'd experienced. I like this track a lot even though it's another rough live recording. The room we recorded it in was at the back of the bass player's garden in Seaford, Sussex, England. t was some large brick built extension hat we'd sound proofed and turned into a studio of sorts. You can clearly hear the influence of bands like RUSH when you listen to this one. Anyway ... here's "Stoned End".

Wet Fish Slap were :- "Reg" - Drums, Rick Willis - Bass & Justin Hill - Guitar