Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Blue Patch, Scenic River & Winter Boat

"Is this the World we Created" :- This tight and narrow path connects Regency Square with Russell Square in Brighton (England). The building on the near right hand corner is The Regency Tavern and private housing opposite on the left. It's a wonder they see any daylight at all. With the high rise residential block in the distance just a small patch of blue sky can be seen, other than that this entire image is concrete and glass. Where's the greenery? The open space? The air? The freedom?

"The Low Down" :- The title of this image refers to me. Crouching low to the ground, camera gripped in my hands with many tourists and ramblers staring at me with quizzical looks as they trudged past on the path that runs alongside the River Cuckmere (Sussex, England). I love the way they do that. They look at me, then look to where they think the camera is pointing and then look back at me again in a way that suggests they need an explanation. I never offer one and usually just smile back at them which makes them look even more quizzical as they rapidly scurry off thinking I've just escaped from somewhere! It's a shame. If they really don't know or can't see what I am photographing then they are walking upon this wonderful planet of ours with eyes and minds firmly closed. I cannot go out without seeing things I'd like to capture and photograph. They seem to be able to get from A to B blissfully unaware of their surroundings and their being.

"Lone Yacht" :- Captured from the very end of the eastern arm of Brighton's Marina. It had been a long and extremely cold walk to get there but it was worth it as the sun was starting to get tired and could hold itself up no longer causing a wonderful cold harsh light to hit everything. I was going to hold on for longer and watch the sun be extinguished by the horizon but the cold had got to me, my fingers had lost all feeling and my toes felt like they were soon joining them so I turned and made my way back.

All Photography © Justin Hill