Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Dead Calm, Lewes Lane & a Stationary Attraction

"Winter Berths" :- My fingers were numb with the cold. It was all I could do to operate the camera, I'd already pressed the shutter release button a couple of times but nothing had happened. Stupid fingers, stupid cold. The sunlight and shadows it cast reflect just how cold it was. You can clearly see in this image a cold winter sun and subdued colors. The water was dead calm and the atmosphere was crystal clear because of the low temperature. This image was captured on the last day of November as I was wandering around Brighton Marina on the south coast of England.

"Chapel Hill" :- This is Chapel Hill in the ancient and historical town of Lewes in Sussex. I have been trying to find out some of the history associated with this steep rising road in the East of the town but have so far found absolutely nothing about it. The housing situated along the road looks to be a mixture of modern, Victorian, Edwardian and probably some 18th century lurking in there too. This was shot early evening back in August.

"Wheel House" :- A tourist free "Brighton Wheel" stands illuminated in the darkness after heavy rainfall. The pavement picks up the scattered light and does it's best to throw it back. The entire promenade is devoid of life apart from one solitary idiot of a photographer who thought it would be a good idea to go out in the cold and wet to grab some images.

All Photography by Justin Hill ©