Saturday, 8 December 2012

Decaying Sun, Stone Faced Monarch & an Old Man

"Beauty in Decay" :- In all the years that I have lived in Brighton (on the south coast of England) this has got to be the most beautiful sunset that I have ever witnessed. The sea was deadly calm and catching the light and colors perfectly. The "icing on the cake" was that due to the time of year (this was shot on Nov 28th 2012) the sun was going down behind our famous decaying West Pier causing it to turn into a stark silhouette. I was simply lucky to be in the right place to capture it all.

"Queen Victoria" :- The statue of Queen Victoria stands on lawns that lay between Marlborough Place and Grand Parade in the city of Brighton, England. Her gaze is fixed firmly on the huge ornate stone gatehouse gate that was the entrance to the grounds of the Royal Pavilion which she first visited in 1837. Queen Victoria felt uncomfortable with the palace because of its association with her extravagant uncle, King George IV. She finally sold her uncle’s pleasure palace to the town of Brighton for £50,000 in 1850.

"The Long Man of Wilmington" :- The famous "Long Man of Wilmington" stands just on the outskirts of the ancient village of Wilmington in Sussex, England. There is a lot of speculation about its age. Some believe it dates back many centuries and others think it's relatively new (just a few 100 years or so). However old it is it's become a very famous Sussex landmark. Nobody knows why it stands with what appears to be a long stick in each hand ... it looks rather like some historical skier!

All Photography © Justin Hill