Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Gamut - The Complete Works

So over the last week or so you've heard individual tracks by my old 80's band Gamut. Today I am putting the collected tracks into a "Complete Works" package for you all to listen to. Considering I was only just out of my teens at the time (we were all in our early 20's)I still think what we achieved was incredible, even more so when you take into account that I had not even picked up a guitar until I was 16. I didn't know a thing about music and still can't read or write sheet music to this day. It was all written from the heart, by ear and intuition. I instinctively knew where the notes needed to go and where I wanted them to take the listener. It was a joy to be in the band with the others, we became great friends and I personally look back at those times with fond memories and a heavy heart that it ended so quickly. I am sure that we could of become great...

Gamut were : Pat Gordon - Keyboards, Rick Willis - Bass, Russell Haynes - Drums and (myself) Justin Hill on Guitar.