Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Gamut - Encore

It's once again time for another track by my old 80's band Gamut. Today's musical extravaganza is entitled "Encore". There's a very good reason for us calling it that, we needed an encore piece to play live, so we wrote one and imaginatively called it "Encore"(just to save any confusion)! It's actually a rather complex little number when you start to pull it apart and look at what's going on beneath the surface. There are a lot of off beats in there, sections where the bass and guitar mimic each other and at 01:52 a quite extraordinary bit of musicianship from all of us as we get to show off what we were all capable off as a unit. I loved playing this track live back in the 80's and still love listening it now. Pure nostalgia. Hope you enjoy it too, here's "Encore"...

Gamut were : Pat Gordon - Keyboards, Rick Willis - Bass, Russell Haynes - Drums and (myself) Justin Hill on Guitar.