Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Gamut - Pied Piper

Track #8 by my old 80's band Gamut is titled the "Pied Piper". I can remember the trials and tribulations we had whilst writing this track. It was a pig to put together and get right but we carried on regardless and somehow or other got there in the end! This demo version is the only recording that there is of it. Halfway through you can hear Russell clicking his drumsticks together to help Pat (the keyboard player) get his timing right as the track slows down purposely and dramatically for the big end section. Once again my vintage 1970's "Bigg Muff" overdrive effect pedal comes into use for the solo parts at the end. I used that pedal constantly for the solos, it gave the guitar a sound like no other.

Gamut were : Pat Gordon - Keyboards, Rick Willis - Bass, Russell Haynes - Drums and (myself) Justin Hill on Guitar.