Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Jetty, Monochrome Sunset & Neon Pink

"Strut Your Stuff" :- This is a shot of the footbridge / jetty at Shoreham Harbor on the south coast of England. Once again I was getting strange looks from the many that were sunbathing on the shore and soaking up the suns rays as I wedged myself under and in to get the shot I wanted. I'd noticed the sunlight was lighting up the metal walkway causing it to glow an unearthly red which seemed to work perfectly against the blue that it's own shadow was creating on the water surface. I liked the lines and gentle curve of the jetty too.

"Wave Goodbye" :- Capturing a stunning sunset and then processing it as a black and white seems like an odd thing to do at first. I have to admit it felt alien to me whilst I was creating the image but I stand by my choice of processing as the image is extremely striking like this. I don't see many (if any) creating black and white sunsets so thought I'd treat you all with one! I have many other color versions of this very sunset so I didn't feel too bad taking all the color out. Shot a few weeks back on Brighton seafront on the south coast of England, everything fell into place ... all I had to do was be there and click. I like the balance of this shot, the sun and the remains of the West Pier mimic each others positions and the one solitary figure (female) standing on the end of the breakwater added to the whole scene.

"Pee Wees" - Nothing subtle about this image as it's seriously in your face. This is the window of a hairdresser's within Kensington Gardens which is part of Brighton's famous North Lanes where the shops are a tad more trendy and unusual. If you are looking to buy a unicycle or some juggling balls, an action figure from a horror movie or comic, some trinkets, earrings or retro clothing or simply just want a beer then this is the area you want to be in.

All Photography © Justin Hill