Monday, 3 December 2012

Left of Centre, Cogs & a Moody Arm

"Double Front" :- Shot a few days ago on a wintry Brighton seafront at 17:55 pm. The huge glass paneling is the main entrance and front of the Brighton Centre (used for conferences, concerts and exhibitions etc). Across the road to the left there's the promenade, beach and English Channel. I'd already been out and about with the camera for the best part of an hour and my fingers were frozen by this point. The shot was an afterthought as I was heading toward the local shopping mall to try and warm up a bit!

"Winch" :- I have no idea how old this winch on Brighton beach is but t's been there for as long as I can remember. Now t's all rusted up and out of use but at one time it will have been oiled and and working hard to pull boats up out of the water and up onto the pebbled beach.

"Our Place in it All" :- Shot late afternoon just a few days ago on the great Eastern arm of Brighton's Marina. The sea was like a sheet of glass and the sun was playing games by bouncing it's rays of the surface of the water and scattering light in all directions. A wintry cloud bank was obscuring a lot of the sun but it was wispy enough to create this great visual and image. It was actually a very clear day but because I was shooting into the sun it's given this image an ethereal and "other worldly" feel.

All Photography © Justin Hill