Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Nature Reserve, Dodgems & Sunsets

"Emerald Forest" :- This image was captured way back in May 2012 within the "Lewes Railway Land Nature Reserve" in Lewes (Sussex, England). It wasn't a very sunny day at all but it had been raining hard so the greenery looked very lush and vibrant. The pathways were thick with mud and large puddles hampered my progress as I was wandering around but a few of the shots I grabbed looked ok after processing. This was one of them!

"Waiting For The Go" :- I was getting some funny looks whilst I wedged myself into a corner of the "Dodgem Car" ride and set up the camera. I was teetering on the edge and trying not to stand on the metal plate as knew the cars were about to set off and start whizzing about. I didn't fancy a broken foot or worse still a broken camera! There's a wonderful few seconds of nothingness between everyone getting in & the power being switched on. It's a bit like watching the lights going out for the start of a drag race or the wait for the bell before the horses belt out of their stalls ... everything goes silent and still. The calm before the storm. This is an image of that moment.

"A Kiss to Build a Dream On" :- Right time, right place! I wasn't planning on going into town last Wednesday (28th November 2012) at all but suddenly found myself out with the camera not knowing what I was going to aim it at, shoot or capture. The sea always has huge pulling power when I am in the city so once again I headed down that way blissfully unaware that the sun was about to set. As soon as I go to the open front and promenade the sight took my breath away as one of the most splendid sunsets I have ever seen was taking place and it was all happening out to sea with the frame of the West Pier in best supporting role. I will at some point (every now and again) post the other images of the pier and sunset from this session. They are quite simply stunning.

All Photography © Justin Hill