Monday, 10 December 2012

Rivers, Pebbles & Grasses

"River Bend" :- Curated by +Shaun Gibson :- For this shot I was down on the river bank with a busy main road just a few feet away behind me. Scrambling through undergrowth and negotiating what turned out to be rather marshy land I eventually picked my spot for the shot. This is one of the large bends of the River Cuckmere in Sussex, England. As with all beautiful scenery man realises quickly there's money to be made and a third of the area is then turned into a car park (far left) whilst another third is made into a main road (you can just see a red double decker bus to the right). The last remaining third is left untouched for those to gawp at from the comfort of their cars. I had actually parked miles away and had walked an hour or so to get to this spot!

"Stone Cold" :- Rough and stormy seas had been picking up pebbles and throwing them around all night and most of the morning. By the time I got down to the beach at Saltdean (on the south coast of England) the large breakwater / groyne had been covered in the small stones. The sunlight was trying it's best to warm my bones but the November chill thought otherwise and it was winning the face off. I have no idea why this particular groyne has metal rails along both sides. None of the other groynes in the area have them and they are just a s big.

"Dusk" :- This is a miniature landscape pf sorts. Night was starting to consume what was left of the day and I was walking over "Beacon Hill" (Sussex, England) on my way back home when I noticed the grasses silhouetted against the twilight. A few minutes later the shot was "in the bag" and I continued on my journey with the anticipation of some warmth at the other end.

All Photography © Justin Hill