Saturday, 1 December 2012

Seeing Red, Safety Silhouette & Rural Vista

"Jubilee Street" :- A night shot looking north down Jubilee Street in Brighton, England. This entire area was redeveloped a few years ago and is now full of restaurants, bars and night life. It's also the site of Brighton's state of the art Library which won several design awards. A five minute walk south from here and you're at the Royal Pavilion (and it's gardens), The Dome (concert hall) and the Theatre Royal. The restaurant front you see here all lit up with it's red signage is called "Yo! Sushi".

"Somewhere In Between" :- Sundown on the south coast of England as seen from the cliff top near the village of Rottingdean. A wonderful wintry light spread over everything so I knew at the time of capture that the image was going to be processed as a black and white. In the center of the image (a fraction below the horizon) you can make out Brighton Marina jutting out to see, beyond that you can just see a few high rise blocks and the city itself.

"Not Hanging Around" :- Shot from the top of farmland in the village of Ovngdean (5 minutes from my house). Looking West over the hills the sun has already dipped down causing the land to go into a deep silhouette. The city of Brighton lies on the other side of the hill so will have been bathed in the rest of the sunset.

All Photography © Justin Hill