Sunday, 23 December 2012

St Margaret's, Ominous Cloud & Lonely Views

"Illuminated Church" :- 4:15 pm in the churchyard of St Margaret's Church in the village of Rottingdean on the south coast of England. The floodlights have just been turned on and the twilight hour cast a beautiful blue hue over everything that's not illuminated. A quick afterthought shot as I was heading back to the car.

"Brewing Up A Storm" :- Yet another case of right time, right place. I was on the beach at Ovingdean Gap (England) capturing some shots of the rocks, sea and sunset when this enormous and very geometrical looking storm cloud drifted into the scene and then simply stopped , hovering still and motionless over the water. I was both mesmerized and fascinated by the entire thing and took many shots. The color imagery is incredible to look at too but I thought I'd treat you to the monochrome version first!

"Contemplation" :- I was on the cliff tops at Peacehaven (on the south coast of England) merrily capturing images when I came across this part of the cliff that had eroded and fallen away over time. I set up the camera and tripod and got everything composed as I wanted it and was about to grab the shot when this lone figure wandered in and promptly sat down on the cliff edge ... and in my shot! Fortunately for me I reaslised that he in did in fact enhance the image by being there so took it anyway!

All Photography © Justin Hill