Monday, 31 December 2012

This Damn Nation - No Pain

This Damn Nation

And so we come to the last of the professionally recorded tracks that appeared on the This Damn Nation EP that was sold at gigs and even on a couple of occasions heard on Radio One here in the UK. This was a song that we all loved to play "live" and we were overjoyed to be able to record it properly and have it immortalised for good. We'd spent a couple of days in the studio recording the tracks and just as we'd finished "No Pain" the recording engineer said that he thought the end could do with some keyboards to give it a bit more of an anthemic finish. I suddenly felt every pair of eyes in the room looking at me as they knew I often played about with my keyboards at home. Well, I sat and stabbed around a bit with the playback filling the studio but nothing seemed to feel right, sound right or fall into place. I didn't know what to do at all so told them all I was going outside for 15 minutes to get some fresh air and grabbed a can of beer on the way out. I wandered about in the street without any inspiration at all but the track was still fresh in my mind and I could still hear it ringing in my ears. It wasn't until I was on my way back that I realised another melody was in there with the track, I was hearing something else!!! I don't know where it had came from but I had found the keyboard line that I'd been searching for. What you hear at the very end is a keyboard part that's very loosely based on an Arabian scale and it fitted perfectly giving the track the lift that was needed. So without any further ado turn it up loud and feel "No Pain"...

This Damn Nation were :- 

Steve Sharp (Vocals) , Steve Cook (Bass) , Andy Birch (Drums) and Justin Hill (Guitars)